Please be mindful when hanging your plant hanger.

Although extremely strong and sturdy, when pulled or played with, the pot plant/fishbowl/fruit bowl may fall out unexpectedly and cause injury.

Do not hang above area's where it may fall and harm a person.

Most definitely hang out of reach of children/drunk people!

Do not hang in a nursery or a child's room unless SIDS safe or approved by a midwife. 

Do not hang in walkways where someone can hit their head or become tangled in the hanger.

When hanging a fish bowl please ensure the bowl is secured by the knots around the bowl, feel free to request a hanger specifically made for a fish bowl.

Don't hesitate to email with any questions

These warnings may seem silly to some, but please be careful when choosing a location for your plant hanger. I do not take any responsibility for injury or damage to persons or property.